The Pies

We specialise in making our range of delicious home-style traditional, gourmet and game pies, as well as a number of other pastries. Our pies are absolutely delicious, combining fresh meats and vegetables with just the right combination of herbs and spices. The Pie Shed offers over a wide variety of pies, pasties and pastries, with a reputation second to none. You will definitely find it hard to choose which pie to try first!


Plain 100% pure coursely ground beef mince with spices.

Onion Steak and freshly chopped onion.

Curry Indian steak curry.

Mushroom Fresh mushrooms with tasty beef.

Bacon Diced bacon rasher.

Cheese Tasty cheese inside and on top of pastry.

Pepper Freshly ground hot black pepper.

Potato Fresh mashed potato on top of a delicious steak pie.  

Cheese and Bacon Tasty cheese and bacon rashers inside and on top.  

Steak and Kidney Diced steak and kidney.

The Lot Diced steak mushroom, tomato, onion, bacon and cheese.

(All our Steak range are available in regular and family sizes)


Kangaroo Kangaroo diced and cooked with onions and lemon scented spices.

Venison Diced venison cooked in wine, spices and mango with fruit juices.

Crocodile Tender pieces of crocodile meat cooked in a mornay and white wine sauce.

"Seasonal Specials"

Emu Diced emu cooked in port and spices.

Camel Camel meat cooked in sweet sherry and spices.

Duck and Orange Lean, skinless duck fillets cooked in orange juice.

Goat A very delicate, almost veal taste, with spinach and spices.

Turkey and Cranberry Christmas time delight - roast turkey in gravy and cranberry sauce.


Indian Lamb Curry Indian spiced curry lamb with apricots.
(Available in regular and family size)

Mexican Tex-Mex beef, Mexican beans, Taco sauce, chilli, fresh tomato, salsa and onions.
(Available in regular and family size)

Thai Beef Curry Lean diced beef with authentic Thai spices, fresh ginger and coconut milk.
(Available in regular and family size)

Chunky Beef Burgundy 100% lean diced steak cooked with spicy tomato based burgundy wine sauce.

Chicken Camembert Chicken pieces with mushroom and Camembert cheese.

Tradesman's Pie A pie and a half filled with delicious chunky goulash style beef.

Chicken and Vegetable Roast chicken, peas and corn in a delicious spicy mornay sauce.

Tandoori Chicken Authentic Tandoori spices, yoghurt, chicken and fresh spices.
(Available in regular and family size)

Lamb and Rosemary Lean diced lamb cooked with fresh rosemary and spices.

Egg and Bacon Diced bacon rashers in an egg and cream based sauce.

Tuna Mornay Tuna with a touch of spinach, garlic, spices and crabmeat in a mornay sauce. Great for non-meat eaters.

"Seasonal Specials"

Guinness Stout Irish recipe of chunky lean beef cooked in Guinness Stout Beer.